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Sensual Healing Therapies through Tantric Art of tough Highly trained Sophisticated Masseuses  who are capable awake the Highest Erotic Kundalini  Healing Experience"


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YALANA Healer / Kundalini Master

I am Yalana 35, and I am Massage therapist and Nutured  healer Kundalini practitioner , after 10 years working in health , and beauty industry and give massage over 10 years I am with confident that I do best and amazing massage training services  in London and world wide as i am traveling about world and still collecting new experience and techniques for healing art of tough , as all my friends and all people with whom I come in contact say about me that I have wonderful personality , amazing charisma and attractive and charming young woman. I do feel compassion and sympathy  and is my great pleasure to share and give all my knowledge and experience as for my student and for my clients, as after long working as beauty , massage and healing therapist world wide  experience of live I have developed great ability to make you feel happy and relax beautiful as you are. I am with gift of nurtured healing  energy and I do work on your deeper energy with sensual erotical sensations of your body through  balance and open to receive the healing energy  your Shakra’s (energy centres) and  clean you meridians  and stimulate  300 pressure points and massage all muscular  tissue and is involve a lot breathing exercise   to arise the Kundalini  Energy, and with this  unspeakable , beyond words explanation of this healing experience we will transform your staid of mind to bliss, ecstasy and happiness  contend way of live, the spiritual experience will take place.
My Tantric Massage  Therapy session combination of very  healing tantric , sensual and erotic massege technique but also profound and intensive  therapeutic healing experience, I use my over 10 years experience as  beauty and massage therapist with  wide knowledge massage techniques  as  Swedish with deep tissue and  Pressure Points Massage of Shiatsu with Chines Meridian Massage  and  Aromatherapy Massage with Ayurvedic Marma Massage  As  I  am   Kundalini Master  work on Shakra’s and  use Chinese Tui Na Massage elements include in my session Face with special pressure points Massage  an Indian Head Massage as well   Foot Reflexology  Massage . My  massage session  is Full Body Holistic Massage  a I am also master in Lomi -Lomi Massage and Japanese Shiatsu Massage  and physio therapisLl Lymphatic Drainage Massage include as well Reiki Massage Remedial Massage  and Thai Massage all those massages  combing in one  75 or 90 or 120  min treatment because  I work with Kundalini  energy  Tantric  Art of tough  as well all client after  my session felt in  trance of bliss , and every one after my massage session feel compliantly renewed in mind and body.  Kundalini energy as well or in  Chinese culture,  Chi Energy  all my clients after massage treatment amazingly surprised of the effects they are experienced in the body and mind as most of my clients has  never experienced such phenomena  of sensations intensity what most people experienced as healing powerful energy – kundalini raise throw entire body is not to describe in  words.
About my self , I have noticed my interests in eastern healing massage were nurtured from  early age, and I got enormous influence from  native people of Sachaling far East of  Russia( federation of Russia). I  grown up with observation and  attraction to alternative healing  therapy’s  and healing shamanic ceremony. When I grow up I finished school of alternative medicine and healing techniques  of massage. I am  massage and healing therapist with  many years experience working in the beauty and spa industry world wide. During this time I have trained in numerous treatments with massage therapists, beauticians , healers and body and mind coaches. My teachers were Deepak Chopra, Sandra Ray founder of re-birth therapy, Barbara Ann Brennan ‘ Light Emerging’  school if healers, Echard Tolle author  of book ‘ Power in Now’.  Also  I have studied  many year ‘Course in Miracles’ which embraced my understanding about spirituality and  at 2006 Finished  school of Tantra including Prasave Tantra, after that visited and enjoyed teaching of  Kashimiran Tantrism, Skydancing Tantra and the Vegyan Bhairav Tantra. And have the  pleasure and honor of receiving these transmission from some of the most acclaimed tantric masters of modern time including Margo Anand, The Love & Ecstasy Training , The Love & Ecstasy Training, SkyDancing Tantra Institute. Dawn Cartwright, Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Swami Anand Geho. ?From  long experience I confidently  developed  magic touch and highly trained hands in order for you to feel the true exquisite benefits of a highly sensual massage experience.

And I have spend year in Indian Ashram where I have learned from great spiritual teachers and from teachers how are physically not in this world, but in  our hearts. This has given me a unique understanding of both eastern and western therapies. My philosophy which  I have developed  for beauty and holistic healing, well being makes our cells smile, with my special technical of a healing massage therapy which combines my experience with my nature gifts of empathy and healing. For those seeking balance, bliss and relaxation or those wishing to be free from discomfort in there bodies which causes a lack of vital energy,  highly recommend a prescription body massage treatment tailor made to meet all your needs.

I  offer massage treatments which can help to  relief from the following numerous alignments including: tension, headaches, neck pain, frozen shoulders, back pain, tiredness and stress. I have developed my own special technical of a healing massage therapy which combines our experience with our nature gifts of empathy and healing more information  London W2  Bayswater  Paddington  Yalana
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Nude Body to Body  Massage with hot Oils or Seaweed   NURU gel £ 200 per hour

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